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Thank you to Random Thing Tours for my place on the blog tour.

My Thoughts

When I read the author’s first book for the blog tour earlier this year I was so pleased to discover an author who I wouldn’t have discovered had it not have been for the blog tour. I was excited to have the opportunity to be an early reader for her second book. Both of which can be read as stand-alone books but, once you read one you will want to read the other!

What I like so much about the author’s style is there is always so much to tell us, the reader; the writing flows so well and we feel captured by the story so quickly. Words aren’t used just for the sake of it, there is so much information and description on the crime, the scene and the services involved in the next steps. The people are such a key part and they are all given their own identity.

The story and situation are all so accurately described, the author writes in her area of expertise so it all feels so genuine. When the story begins we think we know the awful crime but, then this soon turns into so much more, and the stories of the crimes and the characters are so carefully interwoven. I like that the characters all have their own story to tell and they are all given their own voice to be able to do so, with the workers on the farm very sympathetically portrayed, and the bosses showing their evil ignorance.

The story brings together all of the expert personnel who would be involved and I like how the author shows their way of working with one another. From the first responder, Ben, who we often meet, and his rapport with the lifeboat crew, to the citizens advice bureau working with the police in translation. All brought together there are no flaws in the story and it’s a seamless read.

Coincidentally the same day whilst reading this book a smuggling ring was discovered in the area where I live and this made me think about the people behind that story and how they came to be here, and why. The book addresses some very serious issues in a very careful, sensitive, and accurate way.

Not only does this have a very realistic setting but, the people are all so well described too. DCI Greg Geldard is a lovely character, we get to see his personal side more and more through this book and I warmed to him very much. Ben Asheton, the first responder also pops up in a lot of the emergency situations and I like his calm and can-do attitude.

Glass Arrows is an authentically set and described crime novel and I urge you not to let it fall under your radar! If you like a realistic police-procedural you will love this.

The Blurb

When the body of a farmworker is found during a turkey cull, the incident falls to DCI Greg Geldard to investigate. Newly promoted and newly transferred from North Yorkshire to Norfolk, he is about to face the most challenging case of his career. As he uncovers evidence of organised crime and modern slavery, the body count rises, a friend is threatened and he struggles to bring the murderer to justice.

Glass Arrows is about loss and exploitation. Loss of belonging and certainty. Exploitation of labour, of people and of the environment. And one man’s fight to rise above his own problems to do what he believes is right.Prey, predator or protector – which are you? Glass Arrows is the second book in the DCI Greg Geldard thriller series.

The Author

Heather Peck is the author of the Greg Geldard series of murder mysteries, set in rural North Yorkshire and Norfolk. Her long career in both the policy and muddy-boots practice of agriculture is immediately apparent in the books, which are firmly and colourfully set in the world of farming and farmers. Although it has to be admitted that the Norfolk Broads and coast also feature.

Born in Stoke-on-Trent, she blames their many family holidays on farms for the interests that led her to work in the Ministry of Agriculture / Defra (her farmer husband was regularly described as sleeping with the enemy) and also to the commercial breeding of both sheep and alpacas.

Alongside her writing, in which she is ably supported by two canine assistants, she is Chair of Lantra UK, a Trustee of Norfolk Citizens Advice and volunteers as a Citizens Advice adviser and in the Witness Service. She has recently put her name forward to train as a Covid vaccinator. As she says,’all that experience of vaccinating sheep and alpacas should come in handy – provided I remember not to turn anyone upside down and don’t mark the backs of their necks with wax crayon when dosed.’

She hopes to grow up to be Granny Weatherwax – or a Lady who Lunches – either will do.

You can sign up free for Heather’s monthly newsletter at for sneak peaks into new books, short stories etcTwitter @HeatherLydia1

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